News Flashify Pricings Will Be Coming Soon!

Flashify Pricings Will Be Coming Soon!

Flashify is an incredibly robust flash sales app that is currently assisting thousands of Shopify active merchants worldwide throughout their selling strategies. Developed by Flashify, our ultimate goal is to support merchants to reach their sales perks all year round with our all-in-one flash sales solution.

After such a long journey of constant research and developments, we’re so proud that Flashify is now finally completed with full packages. In more detail, Flashify has been offering merchants various pre-made flash sale landing pages, highly customizable coming soon widgets and unlimited growth tools- all coming with infinite design options.

Though Flashify has helped many Shopify merchants to earn +$100,000 during flash sales events, we do not want to stop there just yet! To offer you even more powerful features and better customer support, we’re more than excited to announce that Flashify pricing plans will be coming soon!

In particular, we’ll offer you 3 plans including one free plan and 2 paid plans. With our flexible pricing plans, we aim to help you scale, grow and increase your sales even more!

We shall wait no more! Let’s see what Flashify pricing plans have to offer!

All Flashify Pricing Plans in a nutshell!

Want to have a sneak peek of Flashify’s upcoming pricing plans? Here we go!

According to Flashify pricing strategy, there will be 3 plans available for you to choose from depending on your business’ demand and budget:

  • Free: FREE
  • Basic: $19.9 per month
  • Professional: $49.9/month

With Basic or Professional Plan, you’ll have access to all Flashify premium features, which are not included in Free plan. The only differences between Basic and Professional plan is number of ‘products in each campaign’ and ’monthly page views*’.

*To make sure we’re on the same page, we’d like to elucidate whatmonthly pageviews’ is? 

To put it simply, they are the ‘monthly TOTAL pageviews of ALL your campaigns’. 

1 view here is equivalent to a 30-minute session 

👉 If a customer reloads multiple times for the first 30 minutes since they arrive at your landing page, we still count it as 1 single pageview

Hold on! Since Flashify has been supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes, some of you might be now wondering What If:

  • I have a very large audience and 10,000 monthly page views is not enough?
  • I sell a wide range of items and I want to add many more than just 150 products in each campaign?

Worry no more! Flashify got you covered with Enterprise plan. Kindly reach out to our dedicated customer support team via Live Chat to have your own Flashify custom plan!

Choose your Custom Plan with Unlimited Functions Contact Us

What Flashify’s Current Users Need to Know?

Owing to the fact that this change will directly affect your store, here are all the bits and pieces you need to know as a Flashify current user!

On Flashify’s pricing day, when you log in to your account, you’ll see our pricing pop-up where you are asked to choose a plan to continue.

If You Skip the Pricing Pop-up

It’s been a good ride and to show our gratitude towards all of you for choosing Flashify since the very first days, we’ve decided to give current users several prerogatives as below:

  • Your limit monthly pageviews would be 3000 (Basic Plan), NOT 100 as mentioned in the pricing table
  • Your limit products each campaign would be imposed on the campaign with the highest number of products. 

👉For instance: you have campaigns Valentine, X-mas and Black Friday with 10, 20 and 30 products respectively. Then your product limit after pricing plans would be 30 products per campaign.

  • You can still have free access to Flashify’s unlimited Landing Page & Coming Soon Page templates AND all premium features in the paid plans to play around with.

If you Want to Opt for a Plan

If your business is scaling up fast, don’t forget that you could upgrade at any time! 

Just to be crystally clear, you still have FREE access to all Flashify premium features no matter which plan you pick.

***Note: You can upgrade only when the maximum number of products you add to your campaign does not exceed the product limits for the plan you are going to pick.

For example, if you add a maximum of 06 products to each of your campaigns then you cannot choose the Free plan which only allows 05 products in each campaign.

Amped Up to Pick the Best Plan for your Business? 

Well, that’s it! Flashify’s Official Pricing Plans will be rolled out soon! Looking forward to picking a plan that best suits your business? In the meantime, take a sip of tea while we sort things out and inform you of Flashify pricing details!

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding Flashify’s Upcoming Pricing Plans, do not hesitate to reach us via Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Live Chat.