News Flashify Pricings: Pick The Plan That Best Fits Your Business

Flashify Pricings: Pick The Plan That Best Fits Your Business

Flashify is an incredibly robust flash sales app that is currently assisting thousands of Shopify active merchants worldwide throughout their selling strategies. Developed by Flashify, our ultimate goal is to support merchants to reach their sales perks all year round with our all-in-one flash sales solution.

After such a long journey of constant research and developments, we’re so proud that Flashify is now finally completed with full packages. In more detail, Flashify has been offering merchants various pre-made flash sale landing pages, highly customizable coming soon widgets and unlimited growth tools- all coming with infinite design options.

Though Flashify has helped many Shopify merchants to earn +$100,000 during flash sales events, we do not want to stop there just yet! To offer you even more powerful features and better customer support, we’re more than excited to announce that Flashify pricing plans are being active from TODAY! 

In particular, we’ll offer you 3 fixed plans including one free plan and 2 paid plans. With our flexible pricing plans, we aim to help you scale, grow and increase your sales even more!

We shall wait no more! Let’s see what Flashify pricing plans have to offer!

All Flashify Pricing Plans in a nutshell!

Want to have a sneak peek of Flashify’s upcoming pricing plans? Here we go!

According to Flashify pricing strategy, there will be 3 plans available for you to choose from depending on your business’ demand and budget:

  • Free: FREE
  • Basic: $19.9 per month
  • Professional: $49.9/month

Take a quick look at Flashify’s pricing plans put side-by-side!

Wonder what will happen to you as a current user?

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Ready to Choose the Plan that Best Fits your Business?

Free Plan

Just dipped your toe in the eCommerce game and want to test out the water? Then how about you using Flashify for FREE with our free plan? 

This plan offers you our key features for FREE but at a very basic level. In more detail, your monthly pageviews limit is 100 and you can only add 05 products in each campaign.

***1 pageview here is equal to a 30-minute session 

E.g: If a customer reloads multiple times for the first 30 minutes since they arrive at your landing page, we still count it as 1 single pageview

For users of this plan, we offer 01 landing page template & 01 coming soon page template. However, there will be a Flashify logo fixated at a corner of your pages.

Basic Plan 

Secondly, we have the Basic Plan.

This plan is a wise choice for growing businesses who want to add up to 50 products in each of their flash sales campaigns. The monthly pageviews limit of this plan is 3,000.

On top of that, you’ll have access to UNLIMITED landing page & coming soon page templates and all the Premium Features below:

  • Promotion bar: add engaging headline, countdown timer and CTA button to direct shoppers to your landing page
  • Quick view: allow your customers to view flash sales items and add to cart anywhere to reduce your cart abandonment rate
  • Promotion badge: add eye-catching badge on your flash sales products to make them stand out
  • Storefront widget: showcase your widget on any page of your storefront to divert more customers to your landing page
  • Product Detail Widget: fill your product detail pages with flash sales vibe with countdown timer, low-stock indicator and many more

In addition to that, users of this plan can make sure everything matches perfectly with their store theme because the Flashify branding logo will be removed from all your flash sales assets. 

Professional Plan

And thirdly, welcome to the table the most recommended Flashify plan- Professional Plan.

Once you pay for this plan, you’ll have access to UNLIMITED landing page & coming soon page templates, ALL the premium features in the Basic Plan we discuss above. 

However, this plan should fit medium-sized businesses or businesses with a sophisticated product catalog since you can add up to 150 products in each campaign. Also, your limit pageviews per month are 10,000 instead of just 3,000 as in the basic plan. 

Enterprise Plan

And finally, if you’re a big fish in your niche, you might find 10,000 monthly pageviews are so insignificant. Plus, you want to add many more products to each campaign rather than just 150.

Well, if that is the case, take a look at our Enterprise Plan! Of course with this plan, you’ll have access to unlimited landing page & coming soon page templates with all the premium features in Professional Plan.

However, for an extra 2,000 monthly pageviews, you’ll be charged an extra fee of $10 per month. Likewise, to add another extra 30 products to each of your campaigns, you have to pay an additional fee of $10 per month.

To have your own Flashify Custom Plan with UNLIMITED functions, choose ‘Request Enterprise> Input your target total pageviews and products in each campaign > Hit ‘Send Request’ > Done

Our team will process your request and promptly get back to you with proper pricing quotation in 24 working hours.

Ready to pick the plan that best suits your business? 

Flashify Pricing plans are officially available now. If you haven’t tried Flashify yet, get it for FREE on Shopify App Store now!

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to Flashify’s dedicated Customer Support Team via Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Live Chat.