News OneUpSell V2.0: Volume Discount By % – Give Your Customers Irresistible Deals

OneUpSell V2.0: Volume Discount By % – Give Your Customers Irresistible Deals

With OneUpSell V2.0, we’re so excited to bring you a big improvement to the Volume Discount feature- you can now set the amount off for your discounts in percentage

Now let’s scroll down for more information about this latest version of OneUpSell!

Leverage volume discount by % to upsell more!

Log in to your OneUpSell account > Select ‘Volume Discount’ > Choose ‘Add Discount’.

Step 01: Create your discount

Firstly, name your volume discount, create your volume discount code & decide on how long you want the discount to be active.

Secondly, set the rule for your discount. As you can see, you can now choose to give discount on percentage off:

Thirdly, set the number of products your customers have to fulfill to get the discount:

  • Discount details: input the threshold (Buy) and the discount amount (Get).
  • Apply to (NEW✨): with OneUpSell, you can now give discount to customers no matter what variants they choose, as long as those variants are of the same products.

NOTE: If each variant of the same product has a different price, then the discount will be generated on the variants with the highest prices. 

👉 For instance, if you set ‘Buy 2, get 10% off’ & choose to apply to same products for a dress that has 3 variants: White ($8), Black ($9) and Red ($10), when customers select all 3 variants, you will get 10% off on the red variant ($10) and the black variant ($9).

Step 02: Choose products to apply the discount code

Hit ‘Next’ then choose products to apply your discount code! As usual, you can pick specific products / collections or all products.

Then hit ‘Next’..

Step 03: Customize how the discount displays on Product & Cart page

After setting the discount rule and products to apply the discount, click ‘Next’ then ‘Save and activate’ if you’re satisfied with the default settings.

But if you want to touch up how the discount will show up on your product detail pages & cart page, after clicking ‘Next’, choose ‘Customize’ on the page you want to customize further.

  • Volume Discount on Product Detail Page

After you click ‘Customize’, an editor as below will show up. Herein, you can edit the heading text, adjust the font size, select the table’s background color, etc.

After you’ve finished customizing the volume on product detail pages, preview your work and hit ‘Save’.

❗ It should be noteworthy that no matter how many tier-pricing plans you set up, the table on your Product Detail Page will display the 5 first discount packages only.

  • Volume Discount on Cart Page

Likewise, after you click on ‘Customize’ in the Volume Discount in Cart Page section, you’ll be directed to the editor page where you can have complete control over your discount messages.

After you’ve done editing and customizing your discount messages on the cart page, preview it and hit ‘Save’.

More analytics to track your campaign performance!

In addition to the new enhancements we brought to the Volume Discount feature, with OneUpSell V2.0, you can also view your campaign performance with the Performance Analytics section under each of your campaigns. 

You cannot improve on what you don’t measure. So we hope these analytics can help you track your performance and keep optimizing your campaigns for more sales!

Upsell more with OneUpSell V2.0!

Well, that’s all the bits and pieces we’re going to offer you with OneUpSell V2.0. We hope the improvements we brought to you in this latest version can equip you with more tools to upsell. 

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this latest version of OneUpSell, reach our dedicated customer support team via