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Flashify V1.9: Start Upselling in Minutes with ‘Volume Discount’

Do you know that upselling increase your revenue by 10-30% on average while it is 68% more affordable than acquiring a new customer? 

Therefore, today is a big day for Flashify and of course, our users as well! With Flashify V1.9, you can now use our newly-developed ‘volume discount’ to get started selling more with the same effort.

Excited to learn more about how to increase your AOV with Flashify V1.9?

Embark on your Upselling Journey!

Firstly, log in to your Flashify account. You’ll now see 2 main tabs on the navigation bar – the ‘Flash sale’ and the newly-developed ‘Volume Discount’.


Proceed by clicking on the ‘Volume Discount’ to get started! Then hit the ‘Add discount’ at the upper right corner of your screen.

And here comes a simple guide to create your volume discount and get more sales!

Step 01: Create a discount

  • Firstly, name your volume discount, create your volume discount code and decide on how long you want the discount to be active. 

  • Secondly, set the upselling rules for your discount campaign.

Choose the volume discount type you want to set. 

There will be more options here soon

There will be more options here soon

As its name suggests, Threshold Quantity Discount means the minimum number of a specific item a customer must fulfill to enjoy their Discount Amount Off.

  • Thirdly, set up your tier-pricing details. You can choose to either set it automatically or manually.

👉 Automatically: Input the threshold (Buy) and the discount amount (Get). Tick ‘Stackable Discount’ (this to ensure that the discount is auto-generated to the next levels based on the geometric sequence)

You can choose to limit the maximum amount of discount one customer can enjoy.

For instance, if you input ‘10‘ into ‘limit maximum product quantity that can be used with this discount’, then after the 10th item, no matter how many products the buyer adds to cart, the discount is generated based on 10 products only, which is 10 dollars off, in this case. 

👉 Manually: add many thresholds as you want, you define the tier-pricing rule too!

Step 02: Choose products to apply the discount code

Below the ‘Discount Detail’, you’ll see a product selector section where you can choose to apply your discount code to Specific products / All products in specific collections / All products. I want to apply this discount for all products so I choose ‘All products’.

NOTE: If the same product receives more than 01 discount rule at the same time, Flashify will display only the latest discount that you created. 

Step 03: Customize how the discount displays on Product & Cart page

After setting the discount rule and products to apply the discount, you can already click save and activate your discount campaign. 

But if you want to touch up how the discount will show up on your product detail pages and cart page, navigate to the ‘Discount templates for sale tools’. 

Choose ‘Customize’ on the page you want to do further customizations.

  • Volume Discount on Product Detail Page

After you click ‘Customize’, an editor as below will show up. Herein, you can edit the heading text, adjust the font size, select the table’s background color, etc.

After you’ve finished customizing the volume on product detail pages, preview your work and hit ‘Save’.

❗ It should be noteworthy that no matter how many tier-pricing plans you set up, the table on your Product Detail Page will display the 5 first discount packages only.

  • Volume Discount on Cart Page

Similarly, after you click on ‘Customize’ in the Volume Discount in Cart Page section, you’ll be directed to the editor page where you can have complete control over your discount messages.

After you’ve done editing and customizing your discount messages on the cart page, preview it and hit ‘Save’.

Boost your Average Order Value By 30% with Flashify V1.9! 

Well, that’s everything we’re going to offer you with Flashify V1.9. We genuinely hope you could increase your revenue with the powerful ‘Volume Discount’ feature.

Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding this latest version of Flashify,   reach our dedicated customer support team via