News Flashify V1.8 – Better Coming Soon Pages & Deeper Analytics

Flashify V1.8 – Better Coming Soon Pages & Deeper Analytics

A flash sale coming soon page is great but to capture more leads, give your potential customers more to expect! Hint? Show visitors What items you’re going to discount and at Which prices you’re going to offer them.

Therefore, in Flashify V1.8, you can add products to coming soon pages to give customers a sneak peek of the hot deals before the flash sale even begins! 

Additionally, in this latest version of Flashify, we also managed to bring to you a function you’ve been asking for – more analytics of your campaign performance

And last but not least, with Flashify V1.8, you are now able to edit all the text related to your product settings

Let’s scroll down to get better info about what you’ll get with Flashify V1.8! 

Entice your site visitors like never before!

With Flashify V1.8, we’re going to give you everything you need to warm up your website visitors, convert them into leads, and eventually, turn them into your brand advocates! 

Specifically, before your flash sale event even starts, you can now:

  • Add products to your Coming Soon Page
  • Inform your site visitors about upcoming events with ‘Upcoming State’ on Product Detail Pages and Promotion Bar

01. Add products to your Coming Soon Page

Log in to your Falshify account. As usual, create Campaign > Name campaign > Set Campaign Duration > Select flash sale products and hit ‘Next’.

Within the ‘Active advanced sales toolbox’ section, navigate to the coming soon page > Make sure you’ve toggled it on > then click ‘Next’.

Afterward, head to the Coming Soon page section and click ‘Custom Template’.

Now you can see that your coming soon page isn’t just a banner with an email collection box.

With the newly added ‘Product setting’ tab, you can now entice early birds to your landing page with stunning flash sale items.

Click on ‘Product Setting’ to configure which products you want to include and how you want them to be displayed on your Coming Soon page. 

  • Select products to display

You can show all products on your coming soon page. But if you don’t want to overwhelm your customers with too many items, simply enter the product quantity you want to show. 

Next, decide on how to pull the flash sale items from the product list into your coming soon page, either from the top downwards or just randomly.

  • Customize your product prices

After picking flash sale items you want to show on your coming soon page, let’s decide whether you want to show their original and discounted price or not. 

The awesome thing is that you can reveal full prices of your flash sale items or hide some numbers to make your customers more curious and excited.

For instance, if your items’ prices have 4 digits and you want to show all digits except the first one, enter 4 in the ‘Number of digits’ and 2 in the ‘Starting position

The final result should look something like this: 

Coming Soon Page with products on desktop screen

Coming Soon Page with products on desktop screen

Coming Soon Page with products on mobile screen

Coming Soon Page with products on mobile screen

Click ‘Save’ then ‘Save and active’ to publish your coming soon page. 

02. ‘Upcoming State’ in Product Detail Pages & Promotion Bar

With Flashify V1.8, you’re now able to inform your customers about upcoming promotions when they arrive on your website before the flash sale begins.

  • Upcoming State On Product Detail Pages

Within the Flash Sale in Product Detail’s editor, click on ‘Upcoming State’ > Switch on ‘Show flash sales’ 

Configure your product detail page for the pre-launch stage then click ‘Save’ then ‘Save and active’.

Now when a visitor lands on your product page before the flash sale begins, they’ll see something like this:

  • Upcoming State On Promotion Banner

Within the promotion bar’s editor, click on ‘Custom Design’

Select ‘Upcoming State’ > Toggle on the option ‘Show the promotion bar’.

Configure your promotion banner for the pre-launch stage then click ‘Save’ then ‘Save and active’.

Now when a visitor arrives on any page where the promotion bar is active, they’ll see all the important information about your upcoming flash sales as shown below: 

Track your campaign performance like never before!

As the saying goes ‘you can’t improve what you don’t measure’, in this version of Flashify, we’ll give you more metrics to track how your flash sale campaigns perform. 

Click on ‘My Campaign’ then navigate to the campaign you want to view analytics.

From there, you can see three more important metrics listed out for your sake:

  • Total orders: this is the total number of orders made on your flash sale items
  • Total sales: this indicates the revenue generated from the flash sale items
  • Buyer: this shows the number of unique buyers who purchased your flash sale items

By giving you access to more in-depth data regarding how your flash sale campaign performs, we hope you could make more data-driven decisions and keep bettering your flash sale non-stopping. 

Enhancements to Product Setting Editor

With Flashify V1.8, you can finally edit the text of your Savings indicator & Low-stock indicator. You can change the text as your liking and of course, in any language you want! 

Get Flashify V1.8 today! 

That’s pretty much all the bits and pieces of what we’re going to deliver in this latest version of Flashify. Get ready to capture more leads with a much more Pro Coming Soon page and turn them into lifetime customers eventually.

Should you have any further concerns or questions regarding Flashify V1.7, kindly reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Live Chat.