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Flashify V1.7: Product Selection & ‘Campaign Has Ended’ Page

After months of research & development, we’re so excited to finally bring you the ‘product selecting filter’ you’ve been waiting for in Flashify V1.7. By filtering products by collections, alphabetical order or inventory, etc. you can add the items you want to a campaign much faster.

In addition, in Flashify V1.7, we also develop a ‘Campaign Has Ended’ page so that you can professionally inform your customers that the campaign has ended and keep them hooked on upcoming events. 

Scroll down to see in detail what you’ll get in this latest version of Flashify!

‘Product Selection’: Selecting Sale Items Much Faster

Log in to your Falshify account. As usual, follow these steps below: 

Create Campaign > Name campaign > Set Campaign Duration > ‘Next’ >  Hit ‘+Products’

Now you can see the product select modal has just been upgraded to ease up your campaign creating process with ‘filter’ and ‘sort’. 

To elucidate:

  • Filter – you can now select all products or products of a specific collection
  • Sort – sort your products alphabetically, chronologically, or based on inventory status

The awesome thing about Flashify’s brand-new product picking modal is its capability to combine multiple conditions to sort out precisely the products you want to add.

💡 For instance, there are some slow-moving stocks in your winter collection and you want to push them away, simply select ‘winter collection’ and ‘High-inventory’ then hit ‘Apply’.

‘Campaign Has Ended’ for Better Customer Experience

Before your flash sale campaign commences, you have a ‘Coming Soon Page’ to warm visitors up. During the flash sale campaign, you also already have every tool you need to convert these visitors into sales.

However, what if your campaign already ends but some visitors still click on the link that directs to the landing page? Though they can guess a 404 page means the campaign has ended, a 404 page is troublesome since it looks off-putting, thereby hurting your brand’s image.

To put an end to this, with Flashify V1.7, we now empower you to create stunning ‘campaign has ended’ pages.

After adding flash sale products with our powerful product select modal, hit ‘Next’ and you’ll see the ‘Campaign Has Ended’ tool we’ve just added for you!

To use this brand-new feature, make sure you switch it on

To use this brand-new feature, make sure you switch it on

Afterward, click on ‘Next’ > Navigate to the ‘Campaign Has Ended’ section to customize it to your likings.

You’ll be directed to the editing interface. First, choose your preferred template (you can upload a background image if you insist to do so)

Next, you can get control over the looks and feels of this page by making changes to the text and CTA buttons as much as you want with a rich-text editor as below: 

After you’re satisfied with your ‘Campaign has ended’ page, remember to preview your artwork cautiously before publishing it to avoid unnecessary errors.

Finally, hit ‘Save’ and you’re all done!

Stock Quantity is now in-app available 

You can now check your Shopify product quantity (in real-time) you want to put on sale.

After you add wanted products, the stock quantity will be displayed under ‘Reference Quantity’. 

Note: Reference quantity is the stock quantity of a product at the time it is added to a campaign. To get the latest reference quantity, you’ll have to remove & add the product again.

Try Flashify V1.7 Today!

That’s everything we have to offer in this latest version of Flashify. We hope Flashify V1.7 will ease up the way you pick products for your flash sale campaigns and run them more professionally with Campaign Has Ended page. 

In addition, we also make several UI improvements so you could run your campaigns as smoothly as possible. 

Should you have any further concerns or questions regarding Flashify V1.7, kindly reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Live Chat.