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Flashify V1.5: Triple Sales with ‘Pop-up Banner’ & Save 99% time with ‘Duplicate Campaign’

Lots of people complain that pop-ups are annoying, invasive, old-fashioned and the list goes on! But do you know that only irrelevant pop-ups get those complaints? In fact, pop-ups are even the sharpest marketing tools when they’re appealing to your website visitors.

With that in mind, we’ve been working non-stop and finally made it with Flashify V1.5

In this version, you can leverage ‘Pop-up Banner’ to increase your landing page traffic to the fullest. Another awesome news is that you can now save 99% time & effort setting up similar flash sale campaigns with the ‘Duplicate Campaign’ feature! 

Additionally, we also improved on our Flashify Admin Tools to support you better while you’re running your flash sale campaigns with our apps.

Let’s see what you’ll get in Flashify V1.5!

Create high-converting flash sale pop-ups with Flashify!

Step 1: Create campaign 

First thing first, log in to your Flashify account > Hit ‘Create Campaign’ as usual.

Next, schedule your flash sale campaign with a specific date and time.

Then choose which products you want to promote in your flash sale event. You can scroll down and choose them manually or look for them on the search bar.

Click on ‘Add’ and edit the quantity and discount for the selected products. You can do this in bulk or manually edit each one by one. After you’ve done, hit ‘Next’ so that we could show you today’s main course! 

Step 2: Enable your flash sale pop-up

Right in the ‘Active advanced sales toolbox’, you will see there is now the Flash Sale Popup feature that just has been added for you. Switch on this option if you want to display a stunning pop-up banner across your website. Then ‘Next’.

Make sure the Flash Sale Popup option is on

Make sure the Flash Sale Popup option is on

Navigate to the Flash Sale Popup section and choose ‘Custom Template’. 

Select Custom Template if you want to make some adjustments to your pop-up

Select Custom Template if you want to make some adjustments to your pop-up

Step 3: Fully customizable Flashify pop-up banners! 

From there, you can configure your pop-up look and feel to the fullest. Similar to any of our advanced sales tools, Flashify offers UNLIMITED pop-up templates for you to choose from.

Simply click on the template that catches your attention!

Pick your preferred popup template.

Pick your preferred popup template.

If the masterpiece above is already on-point for you, then hit ‘Save’. Aren’t satisfied yet? That’s fine, we allow you to fully configure your pop-up from display rule to custom design. 

Configure the flash sale pop-up’s Display Rule

Simply hit ‘Display rule’ in the Configuration section. 

Afterward, you’ll get complete control over how your pop-up will appear:

  • Enable on desktop/mobile: since these flash sale pop-ups are responsive to all devices, you can choose to enable them on mobile as well.

  • Delay before showing pop-up: decide when is the best time to show website visitors the pop-up (e.g: if you set this into 0, right at the moment a visitor lands on your page, it’ll show up immediately). 

  • Close popup when: allow customers to close your popup when they click on the close button OR let your popup automatically close after a fixed time.

  • Show popup again: some customers can close your pop-up by accident. Therefore, with Flashify, you can choose to show the pop-up again when customers reload the page or after your pre-defined time.

  • Page to show: you can choose to display your flash sale pop-up on a ‘specific page’ such as collection pages, homepages, or ‘All page’. 

Customize the flash sale pop-up’s design

Right below the ‘Display Rule’, click on the ‘Custom Design’ option to craft your content and touch up your pop-up’s visual.

A rich editor as below will appear, where you can 100% control your flash sale pop-up’ look and feel from the title, description, background photo, countdown timer, and the CTA button.

Step 4: Launch your flash sale pop-up! 

After you’ve done setting up your high-converting flash sale pop-up, don’t forget to preview your artwork to avoid making any mistakes. And last but not least, click ‘Save’ and you’re all done! 

Flashify stunning flash sale popups are too good to pass up, aren’t they? However, this isn’t the only gift we bring with Flashify V1.5. Guess what? We also bring the feature you have been asking for! 

Duplicate Campaign to save 99% of your time!

Flashify landing page and the ‘full-weapon’ sale toolbox are so powerful. The proof is a lot of merchants using Flashify have become what we call ‘flash sale enthusiasts’ now. They run flash sale events like a Pro and sell like crazy. What’s cool is they do this multiple times per month.

We’re aware of it and with Flashify V1.5, you can now use ‘Duplicate Campaign’ to save your time and effort from building the exact same flash sale campaign from scratch over again.

My Campaign > Navigate to the campaign you want to duplicate (this can be an active / completed campaign) > Click on the kebab menu > Choose ‘Duplicate’.

A pop-up as below will appear, from here, you can check the part you want to duplicate. After you’ve done, click ‘Confirm’.

Make sure to tick all the boxes you want to duplicate

Make sure to tick all the boxes you want to duplicate!

After you choose to duplicate an existing campaign, the duplicate version will have the default name of ‘Copy of …’, which you can change or leave intact. Then simply set the start and end date for your campaign.  

Same on this page, a summary of the landing page, sale tool, and product list will also be displayed for you to proof-check or make suitable adjustments. 

Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ to save your flash sale draft or ‘Save & Active’ to launch the campaign right away.


  • The duplicate campaign can only be activated when the original one has been completed.
  • If you’ve just downgraded to a lower pricing plan that does not include the premium features then these premium features will be unavailable to duplicate.

Try Flashify V1.5 Today!

Well, that is literally everything we brought to you in this latest version! We hope Flashify’s professionally-designed pop-up banners & duplicate campaign feature can help you run your flash sale campaigns with the minimum effort and the maximum conversion!

Should you have any further concerns or questions regarding Flashify V1.5, do not hesitate to reach out to Flashify’s dedicated Customer Support Team via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Live Chat.